A slow and/or unsteady Wi-Fi connection can be very frustrating especially that we heavily rely on the internet in both our personal and professional lives. Get the fastest, most powerful and highest coverage Wi-Fi connection for your home or your office.

Our team of highly can provide you with full Wi-Fi Support to improve your Wi-Fi connection, performance, security and speed. Whether indoor or outdoor, be it at your office or home.

Enjoy seamless streaming of 4k and high-resolution videos no matter the room you are in. We will make sure there are no dead spots and ensure you get a full coverage, by using original and certified tools & extensions from our official partners at the most competitive prices.

We will also help you set up, configure and improve your office’s Wi-Fi network and provide you with 24/7 Wi-Fi support. No matter the number of users (density) and the complexity of their online activities, your Wi-Fi signal will remain strong with no interruptions at any access point for full business continuity and productivity.

Connection security is our priority, we will also help you protect your network against potential hacks and attacks.

With our managed infrastructure, you can control, monitor and evaluate all connected devices to ensure efficiency, productivity and most importantly security with real-time reports and analytics.

One of the most frustrating things about WiFi, other than not having any WiFi, is not being able to get the full signal no matter where you are in your home or office. Why should you have to go to the living room to get better WiFi signal? The most robust way to extend the WiFi network is by using access points where the backbone of the network is done on a physical cabled POE LAN network.

For installations concerning several access points, a controller is set to control mesh and routing to allow roaming across access points on the same network name SSID. In other words, we’ll set up your Wi-Fi so it boosts speed and covers all areas perfectly without compromising signals in other areas.

Whether it’s dead spots, low speed, or a brand new location, our highly skilled team can come in and provide a full network assessment of your home or office. We can strengthen the Wi-Fi signal on your existing connection for all your devices, and eliminate any dead spots by extending the Wi-Fi range and coverage. With a high dependency on the internet for most of our daily activities, we will ensure that you will always be connected.

For brand new installation, we look at the area and install our recommended routers and access points. For existing Wi-Fi issues, we start by doing a Wi-Fi diagnosis of the entire network, re-configuring current settings and providing recommendations based on the results.